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Best Pineapple E Liquid For Sale

Best Pineapple E Liquid For Sale

If you are looking for the best pineapple e-juice to buy online you should check out this juice:

best pineapple e liquid

As you can see in the picture above, Puff King bottles up their premier e juice in all glass bottles to preserve freshness and maximize shelf life. They also have a patented loading system called the EZ DRIPPER that makes it simple to load up your vaporizer. They also have some amazing designs on their labels from a professional graphics designer that makes their products pop out on the shelves. This is a huge deal for people like me that buy these products to resell.

One of the biggest reasons Puff King is so popular is because most people will try this brand first just on looks alone. Another reason they are so popular and have one of the highest resell rates out of any other brand is due to the fact that their juices taste amazing! Naturally flavored and safely extracted with water. Puff King always delivers perfect flavors and the Pineapple Head pineapple e liquid is no different.

They really nailed the flavor of the pineapple and it a delight to vaporizer. Not only is it super sweet and addicting, but it also captures that sour and tangy element that fresh pineapple has. The Pineapple Head truly tastes like you are vaporizing fresh pineapples and Puff King couldn’t have done a better job with the final product.

This product is available in 5 different nicotine levels ranging from 0 all the way up to 24mg in 6mg increments.

If you are looking for the best pineapple e liquid for sale online you should certainly give Pineapple Head a try.


Best Vanilla E Liquid For Sale

Best Vanilla E Liquid For Sale

If you are looking for the best vanilla e juice, I have a couple of different amazing options for you to check out.

The first is from a company called Captain Amsterdam and their product is called Vanilla Crème. Here is a picture:

best vanilla e liquid

This is a very sweet vanilla flavored e liquid that also has the creamy aspect to it as well. The flavor is very rich and smooth and it tastes like a super sweet and smooth vanilla. This is really delicious product and it deserves a try if you are looking for this flavor.

While I do love the Captain E-Juice, it is definitely not the most premium e liquid company in the world. They use plastic bottles and I doubt their flavors are all natural.

If you are looking for a gourmet vanilla e liquid you may want to take a look at Vanilla Shake from a Southern California company called Puff King. This stuff is truly amazing! It is made with all natural flavorings and then bottled up in high quality glass bottle to preserve freshness.

I really love the Vanilla Shake in every aspect of the product and I really feel like Puff King perfected it!

Everything from the design on the label, to the packaging, to the juice, flavor, and smoothness is grade A with Puff King!

Here is a look at the best vanilla e liquid for sale online:

vanilla e liquid for sale