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Best Grape Guava E Liquid For Sale

Best Grape Guava E Liquid For Sale

If you are looking for the best grape e juice to buy online you may be in for a tough time because for some odd reason most e liquid manufacturers leave the grape flavor out of their line up. I am not sure if it is because it is a tough flavor to mimic or if they just don’t their is a big enough demand but finding a really good grape flavor will be a hard task.

To this day I still haven’t found a grape flavored e liquid that I would want to puff on everyday but I have found one mix that is half grape and half guava that really delivers some amazing vape sessions.

This e liquid I am speaking of is called Puffer’s Choice and it is designed and manufactured by a Southern California company called Puff King.

I really taste the grape flavor in this mix but the added guava gives it a distinct kick that is unlike any other e-juice I have ever tried. The grape is sweet, smooth, and bold. The guava is a different flavor that everyone won’t appreciate but I think most people would like the mix together even if they don’t like guava or know what it is.

The Puffer’s Choice is a gourmet e liquid made by a gourmet company.

Puff King is based in Southern California and they are the highest quality e juice company that you could ever hope to find. Not only does Puff King use all natural ingredients and flavorings in all of their e liquids but the also use an all water extraction process to keep their juices as pure and natural as possible.

If you have been looking around for the best grape e liquid and you keep striking out try Puffer’s Choice by Puff King to see if it does the trick for you.


Best Tobacco E Liquid

If you are looking for the best tobacco e liquid to buy online you probably realize how many options you have. Some of those options may be suitable and desirable, however the majority of e liquid companies out there are low quality Chinese products that don’t taste too great or vape well.

I have tried dozens of different tobacco e juice flavors and I can definitely say that most of them are terrible. Although tobacco is one of the most sought after flavors in the entire market, there aren’t many manufacturers or vendors that can deliver a truly desirable product when it comes to that flavor.

There is really only one decent tobacco flavored e liquid that I would ever consider puffing on.

The first one if from a Southern California company called Puff King and the product itself is named Vintage Tobacco. Here is a picture of the bottle:

best tobacco e liquid

As you can see, this brand is bottled up in glass bottles. This is a big deal to me because I know how costly it can be to take the step in using all glass bottles, but I also know that it is well worth the expense when you are tasting the juice that it is maintaining.

The Vintage Tobacco tastes amazing! It is like all of the rich and bold flavor of a Cuban Cigar packed into one bottle without the need for a lighter! I have tried a lot of different e liquid flavors but I can definitely state that I feel the classiest when I am puffing on Vintage Tobacco!

If you are looking for the best tobacco e liquid try this one out and I am sure you will be very satisfied!